MasterClass: D-A-F-T™

If you are:

  • constantly searching for data, dates, contacts, details, files and documents
  • frequently late, and miss important dates and opportunities
  • overwhelmed by the options to "upgrade" the administration of your practice
  • frustrated knowing you have to do something, but you just don't know what or where to start
What you need is a simple way to process the information, files, emails and documents you come in contact with every day.


Join Andrea for her next MasterClass - where she covers the simple system she created to get her office, email, desk and calendar organized after failing as a GTDer (that's Getting Things Done).  Not only does Andrea share her system with you, she's going to take it one step further and explain how to apply it to one of the biggest time wasters in every person's day - your dreaded email inbox!


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Just so you know - Andrea's organizational system is super easy to learn and doesn't require you to purchase anything to implement.  All you have to do is show up and give Andrea about 20 minutes of your undivided attention:

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