What you choose to focus on today impacts your tomorrow.

What you choose to focus on today impacts your tomorrow.

You can stay stuck where you are, or ...

You can let me help you start controlling the flow so you stop drowning in the digital.

Hi. I'm Andrea Cannavina and I teach busy, stressed out attorneys how to streamline, automate and delegate.

Together we put the right systems, tools and people in place to get your work done.

Making everything digital was supposed to make our lives easier, not overwhelm us with information, data and emails.  Pile on the demands to always be connected and immediately accessible and it's little wonder we all feel so stressed all the time!

I help clients do it all -- from take their first baby steps on the digital superhighway, to organizing their physical office, to keeping the workflow ... flowing. We clear through the clutter, set up systems, put together websites, and send out newsletters.

My priority is making sure clients take the right steps and avoid burn out and/or the debilitation of digital addiction. 

My clients learn to better manage the demands of their limited time, by:

  • properly setting up their business to work on and through the web;
  • learning how to get and stay organized in our paper and digitally driven worlds
  • working out a website - it's function, language, design, and content (before spending a dime)
  • understanding social networking and how best to focus firm resources for maximum benefit  

Want to see if I can help you?

There's only one way to know for sure if I'm the right person to help you work out your business/email/website issues. We have to speak - in real time, and have an honest conversation.  Don't worry - I'm pretty good at keeping the calls to under 20 minutes and by then you'll know if I'm the right fit!

I'd love to be able to say just call me when you are reading this, but that would wreak havoc on my ability to get work done.  That said, I've made it as easy as I can - just click below, let the scheduling app know your time zone and pick a good time for us to connect so I can help you too:

Set Up A Consult

PLEASE NOTE: Andrea may make recommendations in the free consult.

No tech, service or solution can pay for Andrea's recommendation.

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