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Hi. I'm Andrea Cannavina and I help lawyers, office professionals and entrepreneurs align their vision, intent and purpose and together, we get the work part of their day done.

Making everything digital was supposed to make our lives easier, not overwhelm us with information, data and especially email. Pile on the demands to always be connected and immediately accessible and it's little wonder you feel overwhelmed!

Why Traditional Business Models Don't Work

If you've been spending nights and weekends at your keyboard, trying to get to the bottom of your to-do list, but you can't seem to catch up no matter how much more time you put in, I KNOW you'll relate .

You see, once I started thinking about it, I realized:

  • "Work" consumed a lot more of my time than I expected. Between the things I needed to do for clients and managing and marketing the business, my tasks never seemed to end.

  • My income was limited by the amount of time I could devote to actively working on billable tasks

That was one of those School of Hard Knocks moments.  We all have only 24 hours.  Whether I sold my time hour-by-hour, or worked with clients on a project basis, I began to realize there is only so much one human being can process. I needed to find a way to duplicate myself and build a scalable business.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what I did.  I found better ways to run my business and turned LegalTypist from a one woman show into what it is today – a nationally recognized and trusted brand working with 100’s of law firms across the US (and Canada).

While your business may not need to scale to the size of LegalTypist, you definitely need to get the right people, processes and products in place to create a happy office, a stress-less workflow and a web presence that works.

So set up a consult when you are ready to clear through the clutter and put in place the proper processes, people and products to get and keep your office organized and working for you:

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