Andrea Cannavina

Andrea Cannavina

Hi. I'm Andrea Cannavina. I teach people how to organize their work and put the right systems, people and tools in place so they get more done with less - less time, less resources and, most importantly, less stress!  For over 15 years, I have been providing one-on-one process and workflow consulting services to law firms and speaking with practicing attorneys looking to improve how things are done at the office.

I'm a hard working, fun-loving say it like it is kinda girl. I'm happily married to the same man going on 27 years. We are blessed to have two smart, independent and good spirited kids ... uhhh young adults and Rosie, our dog, sharing our lives. If I am not behind my keyboard teaching lawyers how not to be behind theirs, you can usually find me in 1 of 3 places: outside in my garden, cooking in my kitchen or where I pair the two: glamping in PA. 

I started on my journey as a true legal assistant in some of the largest firms in and around New York City.  Yes, I was a commuter who wore socks and sneakers over nylons and hoped for ANY seat on the train but especially on the way home.  In most offices, I was the go-to girl, asked to come up with solutions (technical or otherwise), almost always on a tight timeline.

After being blessed with kidling no. 1 and having to pay for day care, I knew I had to do something to create more income for our family. So I scoured the web, seeking work - but the only thing I could find was medical transcription jobs and I hate typing medical jargon!

By the time kidling no 2 was born, I had everything in place to open LegalTypist and in less than 5 years, grew it to work with 100's of law firms (mostly without me).  3 years after LegalTypist, my second site, Law Firm Solutions, went live.  It was geared toward helping larger legal environments adopt technology and today it serves as my personal blog. 

In the decade I've been capable of creating websites, I've had a great time helping clients not only enjoy the process, but stopping them from paying too much for anything web related. 

By the way, I have donated ALL the educational content I have created over the years to the Virtual Bar Association, where I am enjoying my tenure as Director.  If you work at a law firm, please join (it's free):

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From getting a handle on email, to wrangling all that needs to be done in an office or for a website or event, Andrea is able to quickly improve the flow of how things get done. Says who? Peeps like these:

​Those who know Andrea know she will help you with a click of her keyboard. Before you’ve even finished the sentence, ‘Can you help me with…? she’s figured out a solution. Seriously! She’s sharp, generous and very, very skilled.

Susan Cartier Liebel Founder & CEO of Solo Practice University®

In just 10 minutes, you gave me more practical information about owning a website than I would have been able to figure out for myself in a year. Thank you.

Wish I would have spoken to you before I bought my first domain. You could have saved me so much time and aggravation.

Venturing out on to the web looking for help building a website is like going for a swim in shark infested waters with a bleeding toe. I got gobbled up and ended up confused and frustrated. With Andrea’s guidance I was up and running in a few weeks for a fraction of what I spent on my own and learned so much in the process.

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Or you can always check out my calendar to see if I'm coming to a city near you:

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 Andrea's classes are a must-attend event for busy, overwhelmed attorneys (and their staff) to learn how to streamline, automate and delegate in order to work efficiently.  Join Andrea as she delves into the realities of the day-to-day grind and how best to incorporate systems, processes and people while organizing your desk, email, calendar and to dos!

Andrea designs her classes specifically with busy attorneys and legal professionals in mind because she knows how to:

  • get and stay organized in our fast-paced, digital world
  • perform the client work and business functions of a law firm as efficiently as possible
  • get out from under the burden that is email overload

Join Andrea at an upcoming Class or Live Workshop: 

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Don't see your City or Bar Association on the list? Let Andrea know! All it takes a group of 10 so you too can benefit from what Andrea knows works and, more importantly, what does not!

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Sign up for Andrea's next class and receive a digital copy of The Art, Science and Ethics of The 21st Century Retainer Agreement by Carolyn Elefant (a $49.95 value) – discussion of the changes that are driving the need to reinvent the retainer agreement as well as language that you can cut and paste or modify and use in your  own agreements.


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