Organize My Office Bootcamp

How would you like to have an office that is not loaded with piles of paper, an email inbox under control, and the systems in place to find what you need, when you need it?

You can!

Register for the Organize My Office Bootcamp and get simple but powerful tools, processes and step-by-step instructions to organize your office.  Get rid of the clutter and put in place the key systems needed for today's busy professional to track the tasks, people and projects competing for your time.

Stop being so busy all the time, you can't focus on getting the right things done!

Grab your seat for the Organize My Office Bootcamp and get your office organized, your to do list under control and the work done.

Sign up for the Organize My Office Bootcamp and by July 1st you will:

  1. have in place the systems needed to control the massive amount of information, files, data and documents coming at you each day. 
  2. have a streamlined and automated workflow, with ways to handle tasks which pile up, are not your highest value or preferred to dos. 
  3. be less stressed with a clear picture of your commitments, tasks and calendar in the days (and months) ahead. Stop waking up at 2am with that sick feeling you forgot an important deadline!

Complete the Organize My Office Bootcamp to get your office organized, your workflow streamlined, and the routine business functions done as efficiently as possible.

Sucking it up and working harder is not the answer!

Learn of effective and proven systems, along with solutions to get and keep your office organized.  Stop wasting so much time looking for things and finally have the time to focus on the most important items on your to do, not the most urgent.

How do you know if I have any clue?

Let's face it.  It's the internet. I could be a dog.

Get an idea of my teaching style and the value of my insights by joining me on Thursday, May 10th at 7pm ET when I will share with you the simple system I personally created to get myself and my business/office organized.

In fact, not only am I going to share my system with you (for free) -- I’m going to show you how to apply it to the biggest drain on everybody's day:  e-mail. 

Now this is the very same system I teach in my private coaching and here’s just a sample of the feedback I have received over the years:

-I started using your system and my life is already so much easier.

-...your process for email management ... is excellent and is certainly applicable to any company.

-It’s the first time I’ve read  something on organization that made sense and is something almost anyone can do.

-Thanks for your system. My inbox is empty for the first time in years!

-Using your system is so simple and quick it has helped me to organize my email strategically in order to be more efficient and effective. I no longer dread my inbox.

I can almost hear you thinking: If her system is so good, why is she giving it away for free?

Because I know that implementing this one simple system helps. A lot! <-and I consider helping stressed out biz peeps my calling. 

But it's not just that.  I know learning my system has ripple effects, including providing you with the time you need to learn the other things I teach in the Organize My Office Bootcamp.  And, depending on how fast you want results, you may even sign up for a few private coaching sessions.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

Your journey to intentional organization™ starts with one step: signing up for the  FREE preview class on Thursday. May 10th at 7pm ET.

And don’t worry, whether you’re a technophile or technophobe, my system is super easy and doesn’t require you to purchase a thing.

So go ahead and register, then all you have to do is show up, give me about 20 minutes of your undivided attention and then take a few minutes to give my system a try.

The hope is that by Monday, you will have a way to start controlling the flow rather than drowning in the digital and that I get to start the week with a little bit of good karma and maybe even a waitlist for the Organize My Office Bootcamp.  For quality assurance purposes, class size is limited to 25.

Let's do a quick recap of what you get:







Access to 4 Live Classes

Where you will learn my fast-track methods and proven strategies to get your office and workflow organized.


Office Admin Templates

Get and keep your business organized using fill-in-the-blank Templates. You'll quickly move from thinking about being organized to being organized.


Getting Email DONE ebook

My personal system for getting yourself, your inbox and your calendar under control. 



MP3 Downloads

Don't miss a single thing. Listen to the classes as often as you like because all sessions are recorded and you get access to a downloadable MP3 podcast immediately after each class. 


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Hurry before they are all gone!

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