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Andrea aligns vision, intent and actions with the people, processes and products in place in order to get the work done

and is on a mission to make the lives of those who work in offices easier. Through her proprietary productivity process and other tools she's developed, Andrea helps the overwhelmed and stressed-out find the inner peace of  organized efficiency.

How Can Andrea Help?

Get her System - D-A-F-T™ Your Way to Organized is available for only $9.95 here  It is truly a quick read. Nothing fancy. No tools to buy. Just the system she created to keep email, calendar and to dos under control.  

Sign up for her MasterClass this course has been developed for the do it yourselfer who knows something needs to be done with how their office runs, but not what or where to start. Next class starts September 1 to learn more and sign up for the FREE preview class -> Getting Business Done

One-on-one coaching - Andrea works with attorneys and other legal professionals in limited six month blocks to assess and implement the systems and processes needed to work more efficiently.  <-Andrea has 3 spots becoming available September 1, 2020.  Set up a consult or call to learn more. 

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Andrea provides solid expertise to support our law practice management needs.  She uses her legal experience to help us establish clear, documented procedures and to simplify our technology.  This has saved us substantial time and money.  Andrea has helped to reduce my workload and to better manage my staff.  She has been a life saver – I am so glad to have her in my corner!

Andrea really helped get our small but growing firm on track, administratively. We spoke for an hour every week, and we almost always ran out of time before we ran out of things to talk about.

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