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Andrea aligns vision, intent and actions with the people, processes and products in place in order to get the work done

and is on a mission to make the lives of those who work in offices easier. Through her proprietary productivity process and other tools she's developed, Andrea helps the overwhelmed and stressed-out find the inner peace of  organized efficiency.

How Can I Help?

Get my System - D-A-F-T™ Your Way to Organized is available for only $9.95 here  It is truly a quick read. Nothing fancy. No tools to buy. Just the system I created to help me keep my email, calendar and to dos under control.  

Join my next MasterClass - where I teach the processes and systems needed to get and stay organized. This is for the digital Do-It-Yourself types who are looking for credible information and assistance with implementation. More details and/or to sign up, click here

One-on-one coaching - I work with you one-on-one over the course of six months to assess and implement the systems and processes you need to gain more time and stop working all the time:  Set Up Consultation

Now - if you're an attorney / work at a law firm and want to speak with me - set up a call.  That simple. Everyone gets 20 minutes of my time to ask me about my system, dealing with email, setting up and running an office, or working a website.  You can set up a call here

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