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Andrea aligns vision, intent plus purpose with the people, processes and products in place at law offices in order to get the work done <-better, faster, cheaper

and she is on a mission to make the lives of everyone who works in law just a little less stressful. 

Through her proprietary productivity process (D-A-F-T™) and the various tools she's developed working virtually, and in real life, with 100's of attorneys, in all types of firm environments, Andrea knows how to control the flow vs. drown in the digital.

Andrea has three levels of service:

  • she works with a limited number of clients 1 on 1 to assess and implement the proper processes and products needed to work more efficiently (alone and in tandem with staff). This service consists of 1 phone call every two weeks over the course of three months.
  • she offers on the fly strategy sessions for when you just need to know if an idea or product is worth your time;
  • she hosts a monthly webinar consisting of 4 classes that teach her core processes to organize any office. 

Select your level of service: 

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