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Disposing of E-waste

Most law firms possess the various electronic tools typically used in any office: computers, copiers, all-in-one printers, monitors, laptops, cell phones, business telephones, perhaps even a flat-screen television in the conference or waiting room. Without these tools, it would be difficult to run a successful law practice. However, once a piece of equipment becomes obsolete, is no longer needed, stops working, or is replaced, what happens to it?

If you are like most, you’ve never given it a thought and promptly discard your old electronics as you would any other office waste products—into the trash can or the office dumpster. Turns out that is not such a good idea.


Legal Assistant Magazine (LAT)

COVER STORY:  Playing to Win

The Internet has revolutionized the modern job hunt. Gone are the days when a cover letter and resume were all you needed to get your foot in the door. Today, tech-savvy paralegals are using the Internet to post digital resumes, network with colleagues, search online jobsites, research employers and more. Employers are using the Internet for a variety of purposes as well, from locating talent to screening job candidates. In fact, a recent survey of more than 31,000 employers found that one in five recruiters use social networks in their hiring process.

New rules apply when job searching in the digital world. Read on to learn how to master the new job search game. 


Law Practice Today

Working with a Virtual Assistant: What Lawyers and Administrators Should Know

You may not be ready or able to hire a full-time assistant. The emerging industry of virtual assistants may be able to help you in a timely, cost effective way.


 Suffolk Lawyer

"Mr. Ansanelli and Ms. Elefante-Link have continued the Law Practice Management series with a number of distinguished speakers.

Kicking off the year in Oct., Michael Gerabaldi, CPA, of Israeloff Trattner, P.C. spoke on alternative billing arrangements. The Dec. meeting focused on year-end issues and hosted Andrea Cannavina of LegalTypist, Inc. who spoke about upgrading to a digital workflow."




LAT Magazine

"Andrea provides vital support to busy legal professionals through easy to use and implement web-based technology. Her wealth of technical knowledge in the digital dictation, digital transcription, remote assistance and digital communications management translates to a unique perspective on just how to get everything done."

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