Law Office Process

Law Office Process is a set of techniques, tools and philosophies that put solo and small firm owners in charge of their profits, time, and schedule. You need to have an organized workspace, with the correct people, processes and products in place to efficiently get work done.   

Andrea has developed several methods to help lawyers fashion happier h’offices, stress-less workflows, and making the web work.

She starts all on their journey with the first process she developed: D-A-F-T™. Sign up for Andrea’s private list of lawyers and legal professionals, to get the condensed Technolawyer TechnoFeature version.

Those in her consulting practice learn of the other methods Andrea has developed and devised to get your business, office, email, calendar, documents, files and more working the way they should. For you, your staff and practice.

Start by signing up for the A-list and reading about D-A-F-T™, or set up a free CoffeeTalk to see if Andrea is the person to help.