Getting Business Done : Organizing a 21st Century Law Office

Are you:

  • constantly searching for things like dates, contact details, files and documents?
  • frequently late, or do you miss important dates, perhaps; even opportunities?
  • overwhelmed by the options to upgrade and use technology or don't have the time or temperament to personally invest in testing each and every option?
  • simply frustrated knowing you have to do something, but you just don't know where to start or what to use?

You will never be completely organized 100% of the time. But here's 3 things I've culled over 15 years of helping stressed out legal professionals get the work done:

1. A little planning goes a long way.

2. There are specific tools to help.

3. Getting started is half the battle.

What you need are ways to process the information, files, emails and documents thrown at you in a typical day "at the office" so you can stop feeling like you are constantly running ... late.

Simply join me on Friday, March 31st when I cover the simple system I personally created over 10 years ago to get my digital and paper, desk and calendar organized. Not only am I going to share my system with you (for free) during the free call on Friday, March 31st, I'm going to show you how to apply it to one of the biggest drains on anyone's time and productivity - almost the bane of the professional's existence ... email!

Email overload is a major problem for most professionals these days. The best advice is usually the simplest. Here's some simple advice: have a really basic system that you apply to your professional email. My friend Andrea Cannavina (of LegalTypist fame) gave a talk recently where she advocated using the “DAFT system”...

Ernie The Attorney  | Email Management - 1st Step: Get Rid of Clutter

My simple system and about 20 minutes of your focused attention is all you need to finally get and keep your email inbox organized. Simply put, my system works - for me and the people I share it with - who contact me AFTER they learn of it, think about it a bit and then just DO IT. Just like Ernie above!

But we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves...

Your journey to what I call intentional organization™ starts with one step:
Sign up for the call on Friday, March 31st

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My system is super easy and doesn't require you to purchase anything to implement. All you have to do is show up and give me about 20 minutes of your undivided attention:

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Before they are all gone!

You may be asking, if the information you share for free is so good, why am I giving it away?

Easy! So you know that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to helping people put in place the right people, processes and technology to get their offices humming, their desks cleared and even a little free time too!

So you can join me every Friday in April for - Getting Business Done: Organizing a 21st Century Law Office to be held at 1pm ET Fridays in April.

Here's the Agenda:

FREE PREVIEW CLASS: Friday, March 31st @ 1pm ET

Friday, April 7: The Physical Stuff: Office Inventory & Organization

Friday, April 14:The Reminders: Tasks, To Dos Notes

Friday, April 21:The Tools of Communication: Phones, Faxes Email

Friday, April 28: The Paper Chase: Files, Documents & Finances


Preview Class: Free

Full Series $595.00 -you may even save that and more from the information and resources shared in the free preview class alone!

Sign up and learn of Andrea's simple but powerful step-by-step systems to organize and keep track of tasks, people and all the projects you have competing for your time. You'll also capture all those good ideas, and track the most important actions you have on a daily basis so you get the right things done.

Andrea gives you the tools to sort through your inbox and organize your day so nothing slips between the cracks and you spend far less time searching for things and more time being actively productive.

In less time than it takes you to research 1 option for 1 business process improvement, you'll learn of the trusted systems and tech you can put in place right away to start organizing your office and get the paying work done - faster and with less stress!

This Workshop was designed to get you quickly up to speed and on your way to efficiently practicing law with proven techniques and practical recommendations.

Take this class and by the end you'll have the processes, people and technology of your office streamlined so the administration and routine business functions are performed as efficiently as possible. You will also have several tools to keep yourself on time (and on task) and you're sure to walk away with several ways to responsibly and securely get more done with less - less time, less resources and less stress!

Should I Buy My Ticket To The Full Series Now?

Yes. If you're ready to commit to improving how you do things by spending at least 1 hour each week attending the class and about 15-20 minutes trying to implement the recommendations into your way of doing things, then grab your spot for the next series before they are all gone. Space is limited so you don't want to miss out:

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If you have questions about the webinar series, you can always set up an appointment to speak with Andrea here

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