Work Less Get More Done

Work Less Get More Done

Hi. I'm Andrea Cannavina and I teach busy professionals how to streamline, automate and delegate in order to control the flow rather than drown in the digital.  I also happen to be really good at social media and creating and maintaining a professional web presence.

Making everything digital was supposed to make our lives easier, not overwhelm us with information, data and emails!  Pile on the demands to always be connected and immediately accessible and it's little wonder we all feel so stressed all the time.

I've been championing the mobile lifestyle while staying responsibly connected since realizing my Palm™ device helped me not be a Crackberry addict.  I learned early on that it's truly all about how you choose to interact with your technology and not the other way round!

So along with helping people take their  first steps on the digital superhighway, I'm here to make sure they are the right steps, averting the burn out and the debilitation of digital addiction.  I'm here to save you from working for a lunatic (YOU) and to stop you from setting yourself up to be working ALL THE TIME. <-your future you is smiling 

Now, in the almost two decades I have been working virtually, I have assisted 1000's of busy professionals by helping them to better manage the demands of their limited time, by:

  • setting up their business to work securely on and through the web;
  • better understanding the practical use of web based, desktop resident and mobile technology;
  • teaching how to process work in tandem with others, while staying organized and on top of it all;
  • working out a website - it's function, language, design, code and content
  • understanding social networking and where best to focus firm resources
  • strategizing on how and with what they delegate the tasks that are a drain on their time and to the firm's bottom line.


Set Up Your Free Consultation

to see if I can't find a way to help you too.  The first call is always on me and you will walk away with several resources <-cuz I can't help myself!  

Or you can always check out my calendar to see if I'm coming to a city near you, or to see if your local Bar Association has booked me to come and speak (yet):

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 Andrea's classes are a must-attend event for busy, overwhelmed attorneys (and their staff) to learn how to streamline, automate and delegate in order to work efficiently.  Join Andrea as she delves into the realities of the day-to-day grind and how best to incorporate systems, processes and people while organizing your practice and getting the paying work done.

Andrea designs her classes specifically with busy attorneys and assistants in mind because she knows how to:

  • get and stay organized in our fast-paced, digital world
  • perform the client work and business functions of a law firm as efficiently as possible
  • get out from under the burden that is email overload

Join Andrea at an upcoming Class or Live Workshop: 

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Don't see your City or Bar Association on the list? Let Andrea know! All it takes a group of 10 so you too can benefit from what Andrea knows works and, more importantly, what does not!

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Sign up for Andrea's next class and receive a digital copy of The Art, Science and Ethics of The 21st Century Retainer Agreement by Carolyn Elefant (a $49.95 value) – discussion of the changes that are driving the need to reinvent the retainer agreement as well as language that you can cut and paste or modify and use in your  own agreements.


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