Andrea Cannavina offers a fresh voice on the trends impacting the way we work and do business in a challenging and changing world with a focus on decreasing stress. She is known as a trailblazing entrepreneur who melds common sense practices with the hardcore reality of running a business in the “always-on” new world of work.

Andrea is a dynamic and engaging person who has been addressing the issues of information overload, security and safety of working on and through the web and organizational efficiencies for nearly 15 years. From her combined experience as an executive legal assistant to her work as a Master Virtual Assistant – Andrea brings a unique perspective to the table.

Andrea provides one-on-one consulting services to overworked, stressed out professionals who don't have enough hours in the day!

From getting a handle on email, to wrangling all that needs to be wrangled in an office or for a website or event, Andrea is able to quickly improve the flow of how things get done.

​Those who know Andrea know she will help you with a click of her keyboard. Before you’ve even finished the sentence, ‘Can you help me with…? she’s figured out a solution. Seriously! She’s sharp, generous and very, very skilled.

Susan Cartier Liebel Founder & CEO of Solo Practice University®

If you have an issue with getting things done, go ahead and set up a call - Andrea is always happy to help!  Book your free consultation here

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