Andrea Cannavina, Master Virtual Assistant

Andrea Cannavina, Master Virtual Assistant

Hi. I'm Andrea Cannavina. I teach people how to organize their offices and get the right systems, people and tools in place so they get more done with less - less time, less resources and, most importantly, less stress!

For over 15 years, I have been providing one-on-one process and workflow consulting services to law firms and practicing attorneys looking to upgrade business processes to digital and/or create and maintain a credible web presence.

Prior to opening my Virtual Assistant practice, I was a top-notch legal assistant in and around some the largest firms in New York City. I was known as a go-to girl -- a person who could find the solution, technical or otherwise, needed to get something done (almost always on a tight deadline).

I have enjoyed transitioning my real-world skills into the virtual and helping lawyers and law firm administrators learn how to upgrade common business processes to digital, how to create and maintain a professional web presence, and work on and through the web securely.

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From getting a handle on email, to wrangling all that needs to be done in an office or for a website or event, Andrea is able to quickly improve the flow of how things get done. A sample of real comments Andrea has received:

​Those who know Andrea know she will help you with a click of her keyboard. Before you’ve even finished the sentence, ‘Can you help me with…? she’s figured out a solution. Seriously! She’s sharp, generous and very, very skilled.
Susan Cartier Liebel
Founder & CEO of
Solo Practice University®

In just 10 minutes, you gave me more practical information about owning a website than I would have been able to figure out for myself in a year. Thank you.

Wish I would have spoken to you before I bought my first domain. You could have saved me so much time and aggravation.

Venturing out on to the web looking for help building a website is like going for a swim in shark infested waters with a bleeding toe. I got gobbled up and ended up confused and frustrated. With Andrea’s guidance I was up and running in a few weeks for a fraction of what I spent on my own and learned so much in the process.

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