Organize Your Office MasterClass

Are you running your office or is it running you?

Like most busy professionals, there's a very good chance your office administration suffers from your inability to find the time to focus and improve on how you do things.  Let's face it -- you're too busy getting everything done!

It's not that you don't know you should be finding the time to research your options to upgrade ... we all know the administration of your office gets moved to the bottom of your to do list in favor of any and all "real" work.  This means you trod along, with hobbled processes, adding more hours and tasks to your day.

But what if it really isn't THAT hard to upgrade your office and how you do things (once you know where to upgrade and with what, of course).

What if it is actually kinda easy?

Learn of Andrea's simple but powerful step-by-step system to organize and keep track of the emails, tasks, people and projects you have competing for your time. You'll also capture all those good ideas, and track the most important actions you have on a daily basis so you not only get the right things done - you get paid for your time!

Sign up now and learn simple ways to streamline, organize, save HUGE amounts of time and get the results you want for your business and life … all without sacrificing your sanity. 

Supercharge your productivity. Permanently.

Grab your seat now -->

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and let Andrea give you the tools, processes and resources you need to organize your day so nothing slips between the cracks.

Spend more time actively focused on getting your most important work done and less time looking for things.

In less time than it takes you to research one option for one business process improvement, you'll learn of easy ways to digitally process the day-to-day and resources you can put in place right away to get the paying work done - faster and with less stress.

The Organize Your Office Program is perfect if you:

  • are constantly searching for things: contact details, dates, files and documents

  • are frequently late, or miss dates and opportunities

  • are overwhelmed by the options to "upgrade" and which technology to use

  • don't have the time or temperament to personally invest in testing or implementing change

  • are simply frustrated knowing you have to do something, but you just don't know where to start or what to use

Designed to get you quickly up to speed and on your way with proven techniques and practical recommendations.

When you complete the program, your office's processes, people and technology will be updated, automated, streamlined and systematized so the administration and routine business functions are performed as efficiently as possible.

That's what this program is all about!  It has been developed to make it easy for anyone to get their office (and desk) organized, their email, to dos under control.


Organize Your Office instructor, Andrea Cannavina, has been helping legal professionals get a handle on email, websites and getting the paying work done for a very long time. She knows what works. More importantly, what does not.

If you join the next Organize Your Office MasterClass, this is what you can expect:

  1. You will have systems in place to control the massive amount of information that comes at you each day
  2. You will have in place the best equipment and tech available for how you like to process work
  3. You will have upgraded/streamlined/automated/delegated any and all tasks that pile up/get left undone/are not your highest value or preferred to dos
  4. You will be less stressed with a clear picture of your calendar and what you need to do in the days ahead
  5. You will feel in control - knowing exactly the who, what, when, where and why's in the administration of your office's workflow

What this program is NOT, is a quick fix or some magical way for you NOT to have to DO something active in order to improve. Andrea only promises to make you change as little as possible - change is, however, required of every participant.

If you stick with it -- making the incremental changes suggested -- the impact on how much better/faster/cheaper things get done in the office helps fuel the next improvement to your workflow.

You CAN do this!

How is the program structured?

This is really simple. The Organize Your Office MasterClass is a 3 month commitment. Classes are held every other week via Zoom - where you connect by clicking on a link or by dialing a phone number.

You will want to attend each class live - as Andrea makes specific recommendations to improve your workflow. However, each class is also recorded, so if you can't make it, you can always review the recording to get right up to speed.


This means all you need to do is show up, listen, ask questions and commit to taking action before the next class. If you can do that, then Organize Your Office will work for you.

What if you get stuck?

Remember, you are never alone! Andrea is with you each step of the way. Accessible via email and phone.  

You will also be invited to a private page, where you and Andrea get to collaborate one-on-one, tweaking things until all is running like a well oiled machine.

Program Fee and Commitment

The most important thing for you to ask yourself right now is: "Is the Organize Your Office program right for me? Will I receive the support I need to get my office - it's people, process and tech organized?"

If your answer is Yes, then I invite you to join.

The cost to hold your seat for the next Organize Your Office MasterClass is only $500*.  Reserve your seat for next Organize Your Office MasterClass starting Tuesday, October 10th

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*Members of the Virtual Bar Association receive a 20% discount (and must log in to register). 




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