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Getting Email Done

Getting Email Done

Email got you stressed out?! 1,000's of messages in your inbox? 100's more coming in every day ... every hour?!

Been there. I know.

Let me help you put in place a process to help.  I created it to help myself, shared it with a friend and now I freely give it away as:


Move Over David Allen: A Better Way To Get Things Done

At a mere 4 pages, this Technolawyer TechnoFeature from 2008 condenses the entire process I created to help me get my inbox under control and and my business information, contacts, tasks and calendar organized and I freely give it away to anyone who wants to take the time to click on the link.

Once you have read about D-A-F-T™ - if you want to take it further, you can:

  • Self Study - Buy the full ebook: Getting Email Done (and receive a coupon for a free coaching call)
  • Guided Study - get one-on-one coaching to implement or tweak D-A-F-T™ for your needs or organization. Buy the full ebook: Getting Email Done and use the coupon to set up your first coaching call where we will determine how involved you'd like me to be in your implementation of tech, people and processes!
  • Group Study - for organizations looking to help everyone at once, a custom package of on-site, virtual, one-on-one and group sessions. Set up a Call and we can go over your options. 


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