Getting Email Done

Email got you stressed out?! 1,000's of messages in your inbox? 100's more coming in every day ... every hour?!

Been there. I know.

Let me help you put in place a process to help.  Here:

Move Over David Allen: A Better Way To Get Things Done

At a mere 4 pages, this Technolawyer TechnoFeature from 2008 condenses the entire process I created to help me get my inbox under control and my business information, contacts, tasks and calendar organized.

Once you have read about D-A-F-T™ using the free link above, if you want to take it further, you can:

  • Self Study - Buy the full ebook: Getting Email Done
  • Guided Study - get one-on-one coaching to implement or tweak D-A-F-T™ for your needs. Buy the full ebook: Getting Email Done and use the coupon to set up our first call where we will determine how involved you need me to be in the implementation of the D-A-F-T principles
  • Group Study - for organizations looking to help everyone at once, a custom package of on-site, virtual, one-on-one and group sessions can be arranged. Set up a Call and we can go over your organization's needs. 


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