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Email got you stressed out?! 1,000's of messages in your inbox? 100's more coming in every day ... every hour?

Been there. I know.

Let me help you put in place a process to help.  Download and read:

Move Over David Allen: A Better Way To Get Things Done

I didn't name it that - Technolawyer did when they published it as a TechnoFeature in December 2008. At a mere 4 pages, this article condenses the entire process I created to help me get my inbox under control and and my business information, contacts, tasks and calendar organized.

If you want to read the whole story (at whopping 15 pages!), it's been rebranded as:

Getting Email Done

and available for immediate download for only $29.95.  Don't worry - if you are not happy with your purchase, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Just email me and request a refund.

However, if you do like my system and ebook and you want to speak to me about how to implement, or tweak it - or if you want to talk about how to get stuff done - click on the free call page and pick a good time.

BONUS: If you fill in and submit the 2 Minute Tech Assessment Form, our call will be that much more productive for us both.

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