5 Ways Andrea Helps

Digital WorkFlow - if you use paper in any type of process, start here. Make the process digital where you can. In almost every instance, it is better, faster and cheaper to maintain your processes in a digital fashion. Once all is digital, setting up the secure transfer of files/information to and from those who need it is what it is all about. 10+ years experience setting up digital workflows in law firms of different sizes, means Andrea knows what works and even more importantly, what doesn't! Let Andrea help you narrow your field of choices to what will work best for you and in your practice environment.

Practice Management
- is not one tool, tech or gadget but a personalized compilation of processes, tools and people. Learn of the tools available today that anyone can put in place to start managing it all. By simply managing and organizing your business and administrative functions, upgrading where necessary to digital - will dramatically increase personal and overall firm productivity.

Technology Implementation, Configuration, Administration and Maintenance
- Whether you just need to bounce an idea regarding a certain tech/new way of doing things off of someone who has not only considered, but set up 100's of law firms to do lots of things on and through the web, or you want someone else to take care of maintaining your entire process upgrade, Andrea has the solution for you.

Website/Blog Set Up, Design, Admin/Maintenance - if you don't have a blog or website; or your blog and website are hosted by some outrageously expensive service, let Andrea help you take control of this important tool to your firm and its marketing and client generation processes. From teaching solos how to set up and maintain a self-hosted blog; to offering concept, design and hosting providers you can trust, Andrea is your one stop shop for all things webby.

Email Education, Etiquette, Administration and Organization
- When Andrea first started, now 15 years ago, almost no one had even heard of email, let alone used it daily to communicate with people from all over the world. The quick adoption of this form of communication left many with no idea how to handle the ever increasing barrage of requests for their time and attention; and with no idea how to effectively communicate in order to get things done. Hire Andrea and learn ways to manage and take control of your firm's email process - at the domain level all the way down to helping your people cope with overflowing inboxes.


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