• Are you always running but feel like you're getting no where?

    • Is the administration of your business getting in the way of paying/client work?

    • Are you tired of trying to figure it all out - the software, the equipment and technology too?

    • Do you know you need to delegate, but you don't know what or to who?

    Andrea happily helps anyone looking to:

    • set up an office and it's processes to work securely on and through the web
    • better understand technology: web-based, desktop resident and mobile
    • get and keep their inbox organized
    • work in tandem with others, including assistants
    • work out a website - it's function, language, design and content
    • start and publish a purposeful e-zine/newsletter/blog
    • understand the various social networking sites and if you should even bother
    • queue you in on the proper etiquette of digitally connecting with others
    • answer your questions about setting up a digital workflow; and
    • she especially enjoys stopping the inexperienced from being taken by "gurus" and "experts"
      passing off their services at rates far above the norm 

    Don't Learn From The School Of Hard Knocks!

    Work With Andrea

    Through private, one-on-one consulting, workshops and webinars, Andrea helps lawyers and other legal professionals put systems in place to organize, maintain and back up their office and its business processes.  Andrea also acts as a guide for those looking to work on and through the web.

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